Supporting Your Favorite Creator: Beyond Product Purchases

Supporting Your Favorite Creator: Beyond Product Purchases

In the digital age, creators have emerged as influential figures who bring value in various ways into our lives. As fans, we often want to support our favorite creators, but what can we do if we don't necessarily need their products? The good news is that there are a plethora of ways to support creators beyond making direct purchases. In this blog post, we will explore some incredible options for supporting your favorite creators, such as buying merchandise, signing up for Patreon, engaging with their content, and even using platforms like Buy Me A Coffee, all of which can make a significant impact on their journey.

  1. Merchandise: Wear Your Support with Pride

One of the easiest ways to support us at Cross Cut Creations is by purchasing our merchandise. Whether it's a t-shirt, a mug, or a phone case, buying merchandise not only helps us financially, but it also allows you to showcase your support wherever you go. When you sport our merchandise, you become a walking billboard, sparking conversations and generating awareness about our work. With almost 50 products and most of those products having variants, there is something for everyone!

  1. Patreon: Empowering Creators One Dollar at a Time

Patreon has become a lifeline for many creators, providing a platform for fans to directly contribute to their favorite artists' success. With Patreon, you can become a patron by signing up for a subscription plan for as low as $1.00 a month at Cross Cut Creations. This minimal contribution, when multiplied by a dedicated fanbase, can make a substantial impact on our income, enabling us to focus on producing high-quality content. In return, patrons receive exclusive perks, such as behind-the-scenes access, one time gifts, shoutouts, and more, which fosters a deeper connection with us.

  1. Share, Like, and Engage: Amplify Their Reach

Here's a FREE option! In the digital era, the power of social media cannot be underestimated. Engaging with our content is a simple yet effective way to show support. By liking, commenting, and sharing our work, you increase our visibility, reaching a broader audience and potentially attracting new fans. These small actions can significantly impact our growth and provide us with the motivation to keep producing amazing content.

  1. Attend Events and Shows: Connect in Person

For creators who host events, attending and participating in these gatherings is an excellent way to show your support. Cross Cut Creations has been going regularly to three shows a year (Mid-Atlantic Turner's Expo, Music City Pen Turner's Gathering, and Mid-Ohio Penturners Gathering) and we love to meet our customers face to face!  Whether it's a show, live stream, or something of the like, your presence can make a world of difference. Not only do you get to enjoy a unique experience, but your enthusiasm and interaction contribute to the positive energy of the event, inspiring us to continue our creative journey.

  1. Collaborate and Promote: Join Forces

Collaboration is a great way to reach a broader audience! We often appreciate partnerships that bring new perspectives and introduce our content to new audiences. This could involve featuring our work on a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, or even collaborating on a joint project. By leveraging your own platform, you can help amplify our reach and support our creative endeavors.

  1. Buy Me A Coffee: A Simple Gesture with Impact

Similar to Patreon, Buy Me A Coffee is a platform that allows fans to support us, but instead of a monthly contribution, this is through one-time contributions. It enables you to show your appreciation by buying them a virtual "coffee" or making a small donation. This platform is a convenient way to support us if you prefer a one time (or occasional) donation. Even a small contribution can make a difference, as it adds up and helps us cover expenses or invest in new equipment or software.

Supporting us goes beyond simply purchasing our products. Engaging with our content, buying merchandise, signing up for Patreon, attending events, collaborating, and utilizing platforms like Buy Me A Coffee are all valuable ways to show your appreciation. Remember, your support makes a real difference in our journey, enabling us to continue bringing joy, inspiration, and entertainment into your life. So, go ahead and explore these options to support the creators you love and help us thrive in our creative pursuits.

If you feel moved to sign up for Patreon or want to donate through Buy Me A Coffee, here are the links, but no pressure.


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