Collection: Bespoke/Custom (Round) Pen Turning Material (Blanks)

Introducing our high-quality round pen blanks, perfect for a wide range of pen turning projects, including kit or bespoke pen making! These pen blanks are precisely made to a diameter of 3/4" and a length of 9", making them ideal for fitting a variety of pen kits or custom/bespoke pens.

Crafted from Alumilite Clear Slow, our round pen blanks feature a smooth and consistent surface that's easy to work with. Whether you're a professional woodturner or hobbyist, these pen blanks will provide you with a great turning experience.

Our round pen blanks are suitable for a range of pen-making techniques, from simple designs to more intricate patterns. Whether you're crafting pens for personal use or for sale, our pen blanks are sure to impress.

So why wait? Order your Round Pen Blanks today and start creating your own unique and beautiful pens!

Note: Bespoke rods are standardly 3/4" in diameter and 9" long. I will cast any of my named mixes greater than 9" and up to 12" by custom request via the contact form.