About Cross Cut Creations

Cross Cut Creations started as a new homeowner who needed to learn how to complete a few home DIY projects with essentially no tools. Christmas time comes and so does a drill and circular saw. Getting on Youtube to figure out how to fix X, Y, and Z led to video after video of woodworking projects that looked doable. The first woodworking video was how to build a bench, and several years later, still no bench.

After consuming a ton of content from some of the most popular YouTube makers, home DIY projects morphed into woodworking (mostly making planter ladders, giant yard games, computer monitor riders, and other things), and further morphed into turning on the lathe (along with a basement full of tools). After learning how to turn pens, resin casting was the next step in the maker journey. Now specializing in pen and turning blanks, this is where the evolution of Cross Cut Creations stands today. We still do the occasional woodworking project, but primarily focus on finished turning projects and project blanks for makers.

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